Are you a sucker for smart packaging?!

Mommessin-BeaujolaisI hate to admit it but I do fall for pretty and eye appealing packaging designs and liquor is no exception. I don’t consider myself to be a wine connoisseur but I do enjoy a glass of nice red. While browsing at the LCBO one day I came across this Beaujolais Grande Reserve Red 2007. What first attracted me to it was the bottle graphics/image. It made me think of warm summer weather, friends, backyard party & nice conversations. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the bottle was made from aluminum, which means that it’s light and unbreakable (no worries if you get a little tipsy and drop the bottle by accident).  I am always scared that I will drop the bottle by accident on the way out of the LCBO store and that it would just slip out from the paper bag and crash on the ground.  I also like that the bottle features a little dot on the label that tells you when the wine is chilled to the right temperature, which is a great feature to have as the “average” person doesn’t necessarily know how to serve the wine.

Because the wine marketplace is highly competitive and fragmented, wine marketers need to attract attention to the product, engage their customers and influence their purchase decisions. They have to choose a unique market positioning for their brand so that consumers can clearly identify and connect with the brand.

It’s also important to consider the role that the brand identity plays as it is the visual expression of the brand positioning. The brands promise is carried across winery’s logo, business communication material and consumer touch points.

ImgFetcherI came across The Boisset Family Estates press release where I learned about the company’s green and socially responsible practices, philosophy, background information and Innovation Brands. Here is a glimpse of what it said: “Since aluminum chills more quickly and stays cool longer, this bottle is ideal for this traditional red wine, which is usually enjoyed chilled in France, a nuance as yet unknown to many North American wine drinkers. The cooldot™ on the package changes color when the wine reaches the perfect temperature for serving. Further, the extremely lightweight aluminum offers a much lower carbon footprint than traditional bottles, and is infinitely recyclable”.   Boisset Family Estates

The marketplace is crowded with thousands of producers and brands, and it’s important to catch the attention of the consumer among such a big array of choice. This is where label and package design become critical in the marketing mix. The marketer has to use the label as an opportunity to tell a story and influence the consumer’s buying decision. The message has to be effective, relevant and compelling.

ImgFetcher2Here are some more interesting facts from the press release. “Boisset is currently in the process of a national rollout of its line of “Innovation Brands” – premium wines delivered in alternative, eco-friendly packaging, many of which will debut this summer. All the innovative alternatives – from Tetra Pak to PET to Aluminum to Bag in Box offered by Boisset strive to better preserve the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of wine packaging. “We believe that everyone can make an eco- difference in their own way,” shared Jean-Charles Boisset. “We have been producing wines responsibly for some time and the adoption of forward-thinking packaging allows us to contribute to carbon reduction, while making it easier for our customers to be more green when enjoying our wines”.    Boisset Family Estates

wish_preview_mommessinMAs we know cross merchandising, displays, promotional and point of sale materials influence in store buying decisions. While it’s important to target your market it is also important to create awareness within the market by using image advertising. The message should be clear not only to the end user (consumer) but to the retail buyer, the bartender, the restauranteur, wine distributor and the wine club manager.

Overall, not only did I enjoy the wine but I liked the Cool Dot idea, the graphics and that the bottle is light and recyclable. After reading more background information about the company, their philosophy, business practices and environmental commitment I would definitely buy their products in the future (and not only because of the package design).


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