La Vie Grand Marnier takes a plunge into digital media

09-277-043.GrandMarnier-CHAIR.BeverageDynamics.inddThe first few seconds into La Vie Grand Marnier “Balcony” commercial and I was hooked. I instantly liked the feel, the graphics, the music and the atmosphere that was depicted and I wanted to keep watching. I believe that the new campaign is brilliantly done as it is targeting an audience interested in travel, entertainment and food.

The $4 million digital campaign kicked off on October 1st and it is relatively new direction for the company in the ever progressing era of social media. The images are done in a classic French aesthetic that are seductively delicious. The new campaign will be promoted on the billboards in New York and San Francisco.

In addition to print advertising, the company is introducing iPhone applications, media banner ads and a Facebook promotion.

The VP of marketing and sales for Marnier-Lapostolle Group, Scott Green said: “We’re making a conscious effort to revitalize the brand with a younger consumer target”. “We really were hearing that customers were living online and we had to make sure that we were connecting with consumers in the way that they digest media today.” ADWEEK

106776-GrandMarnier_largeAfter watching the 30 second commercial, I associated it with the original Pink Panther (1963) movie.  It also made me think of the work done by the artist named Shag who is the painter, illustrator and designer. The campaign has a lounge, smooth, cool and chill feel to it. Everything fits together perfectly, with the pre-Mod-60s, riche-chic Euro attitude and feel. The campaign captures that reserved, understated and laidback Euro cool.


14 thoughts on “La Vie Grand Marnier takes a plunge into digital media

  1. Well, I think the whole commercial is implicative; have a drink of Grand Marnier, party, have fun and then take that partying into the early hours of the morning. 😉 No doubt about it, that the behaviours of the characters are seductive and suggestive.

  2. Loved the commercial, had that glamourous feel to it, suggestive too-i think everyone pretty much picked up on that. And the shoes the women were wearing! Stunning! The music(especially so. I had actually googled the drink just to get the name of the song), graphics and overall feel is very well done for the type of msg they’re sending out.

  3. Great feel from this commercial. Music swings like some of Mancinis charts. The music and graphics together are really nice.
    But, it doesn’t get me to drink GM.
    Nice music video though!

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