The Fabulous Life of the South Beach comes to Toronto

“Enter the lobby, a perfect picture of symmetrical sophistication, a civilized transition from the outside world to this refined inner sanctum. Music surrounds, energy abounds and the ambience is nothing short of intoxicating. Your senses are excited and energized, soothed and satisfied – all at the same moment”.

What am I talking about and where is this magical place? Right here in Toronto. South Beach Condos + Lofts are coming to Toronto in Spring 2012. A few weeks ago I was in the area and the bright pink neon sales center caught my attention and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity not to go in. Well, let me tell you this, I was glad I did.

I was very impressed with what I saw and if the finished condos + lofts are anything like the sales center then we are all in for a real treat. The presentation centre is very stylish with high ceilings and modern designs that keep your eye constantly moving and make your imagination run wild. The South Beach Condos + Lofts are anything but your average new condo development. Dramatic ceilings, big spaces, lavish interior with unique décor elements create a feel of the South Beach.

The new condo complex seems to have it all right at your door step. The development caters to individuals who value detail, sophistication and design. It’s a perfect combination of form and function. The buildings feature 27 storey glass and steel towers crowned with illuminated glass in vibrant neon green and blue hues. The suites have 9’ high floor-to-ceiling windows and 6 foot deep terraces.

The target audience for this development is young and affluent crowd ages 25-37 with high disposable income; think Bay Street crowd. If you can shop from Dior to Dolce in under 60 seconds then this is the place for you. “Condo purchasers often select a development based on location as well as lifestyle” says Dan Menchions, the designer and partner of South Beach Condos + Lofts. “We took furnishings that would otherwise be perceived as very high-end, and contrasted them with unexpected pieces,” explains Menchions.  Home Trader

Some of the amenities and features that you can enjoy are indoor and outdoor pool, sundeck with white cabanas (just like Nikki beach in Miami), yoga  and pilates studios, cardio and fitness rooms, basketball and squash courts, private party room, Hollywood style theater, two hotel guest suites among many others. This almost feels like a 5 star resort rather than a condo.

“There’s a huge ‘wow’ factor at work here,” says Dan Menchions, founder of II BY IV Design Associates. “We adapted the South Beach style with an elegant, understated twist, and thought about what would translate best to the specific environment of our site.”

This development is approximately $250 million+ and includes 626 condo units and lofts. There is that sophistication and trendiness that can be felt and seen throughout. Unique design elements are incorporated, which are famous in the timeless architecture of South Beach.

I noticed that most of the marketing and presentation evolves around our senses and imagination. Here are just a few experts from the sales brochure, which is a cool looking portfolio with glossy pictures and floor plans.

“Imagine a morning latte, an afternoon massage and dinner at the signature restaurant – all right at your front door. As the sun sets and nighttime emerges, the buildings dazzle with blue, green and pink neon, the pastels that give South Beach its distinctive look, feel and energy”.

“ … the sun sparkles off the lake; the greenery surrounding you uplifts your spirits; the beckoning lights of the skyline showcase the city’s nightlife. The views inside rival those outside; an array of elegant finishes inspired by nature stimulates the imagination”.

Like almost any other marketing technique it connects to the buyer’s needs, wants, desires. It plays on our ability to visualize a situation, a setting, a lifestyle. Also, it has to set itself apart from the competition. I think that AMEXON Developments and II BY IV Design Associates have done a great job and I would be lying if I didn’t say that there is that “wow” factor present.

“Our location is our main strength,” says Jason Shiff, Sales Manager for the project. “Projects that offer spectacular lakeview living so close to the downtown core are increasingly rare, there just isn’t the space. And we’ve put such an irresistibly unique twist on it, there just isn’t anything else on the market that compares.” He elaborates, “We’ve done a lot of research on what the new generation of home buyers want – from layouts, to finishes, to amenities. Simply put, it’s just going to blow the competition away. The fitness center alone will generate buzz, people just haven’t seen this kind of luxury and attention to detail when it comes to condo amenities.” Condominiums

The last point that I would like to add is South Beach Condos + Lofts incorporate various environmental and sustainable initiatives for a clean, energy-efficient and more economical lifestyle. What that means is that each tower is topped off by a green or blue glass crown where reflective solar panels help to generate the purest energy. Some of the other green features are thermally insulated, energy-efficient, low E tinted windows, solar panels to supplement the building’s power needs, high-efficiency boilers for domestic hot water among many others.

And going green, clean and efficient is a good thing?? Or is that another marketing tactic to attract your attention? Well, you be the judge.

If I peaked your curiosity, go and check it out. After all, we can let our imagination run wild and visualize the urban, lavish and modern lifestyle of the fabulous South Beach. And who knows dreams do come true.


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