Fisherman’s Friend is your friend with Attitude

The first time I saw the ad on TV I was intrigued by it as I wasn’t sure what the commercial was for and I had to keep watching until the end to find out.

In November 2009 a new ad agency JupiterMoon (opened in July) launched a national campaign for Fisherman’s Friend . The challenge the agency faced was to re-energize brand relevance with women and young adults without alienating core male users. The TV spot follows the day in the life of a young professional woman, using both live action and animation. Busy career women don’t have time for a cold to slow them down and get in their way.

Christopher Stavenjord notes that Fisherman’s Friend is known for its strong taste, and the ad connects that with the character’s inner strength. The voice behind the screen says, “When your throat has an irritated tickle you can let it slow you down or punish it”.

The brand’s tag line is “Relief with Attitude.”  “Relief with Attitude” cough drops come in three flavours: cherry, lemon and mint and promote a kick ass strength that punishes an irritated throat instead of candy coating it.

Christopher Stavenjord said: “The spot clearly identifies that strength and attitude from the visual design…right through to the track…through to the key imagery,” he said. “This woman is successful, she’s strong.” Personally, I liked the ad and thought that it delivered its 30 seconds message across really well and to the point. Also, I liked how the ad was shot and the mix of animation and live action.

According to Stewart Schneider, marketing manager for TFB & Associates Limited, the objective of the Fisherman’s Friend is to build long-term growth among younger adults and females. Because women currently represent 40% of the brand’s consumer base the company saw an opportunity to build more usage among females.

Stewart Schneider noted: “We want to stimulate long-term growth, so we’re looking to bring new users into the brand at an early stage in their life cycle, and a point in time where they might be looking for something slightly more effective”.

Commercial was produced and directed by: Tantrum Design

Original music and soundtrack by: Brad MacDonald Music Ltd.’s.


While researching material about this ad, I came across another TV spot for
Fisherman’s Friend that aired in London, UK. The 20 seconds ads feature the classic fisherman character from the 1970’s print ads. The company responsible for the ad is design agency called The Brand Engine and animation production company Film Club.

Both TV spots show the fisherman in his trawler battling against poor weather conditions. In one ad, the fisherman is sailing through a thunder storm, while in the other he must navigate the boat through icy waters. In both cases, as soon as the fisherman consumes the cough drop candy, the conditions immediately begin to clear. The tag line in those ads is ‘Never Be without A Friend’.

So, now that you have seen two different ad versions for Fisherman’s Friend cough drops, which one appeals to you more and why?

Source:  Marketing Magazine


One thought on “Fisherman’s Friend is your friend with Attitude

  1. Both ads have good production values and style, so im sure intended audience was reached.

    However, I like the classic approach.
    The product is self explanatory there.

    With the new hip approach u only get to see the packaging and its seems more about the lady proving she can be in the man’s world and kick butt, rather then the product clearing the cold and working. This is a cold remedy not a Red Bull, but it appears to be energizing some how…

    Plus you did point out u were unsure what the ad was about until the end, unlike the classics where the commercial is a reminder to use the product by assuming you already use it. A stronger position perhaps, then the hip version with the product proving it will work and help kick butt of course 😉

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