I’ve Got Chic in My Pants

I came across this commercial for Huggies developed by JWT. I gotta say that the spot is definitely entertaining, especially if you would consider that commercials in this category are dull most of the time.

What feelings does this commercial evoke in you? Does it make you wanna go out and buy the product? Or do you find it disturbing that the kid is portrayed as an adult? And how about that tagline?

How far would companies go to get our attention?

Sound off your views and opinions.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Chic in My Pants

  1. I suppose the most effective marketing campaigns create a reaction though an emotion. Humor. Pathos. Fear. Sadness.

    My background is sales (versus marketing)so I suspect the “is it effective?” metric for a campaign like this whether more diapers are sold. On a personal level, it makes me a little uncomfortable. It seems more marketing campaigns are sexualizing children. Do we want to live in a “whatever it takes?” world?

    • I do agree with you regarding having campaigns evoke some kind of reaction/emotion in us. Its just sometimes, maybe through poor planning/research the campaign might create the wrong feelings in the viewer than originally indended. I guess as far as this commercial goes, I can definetly see why this might be seen as disturbing etc. But I think it depends on the viewer and how would he/she perceive the commercial. Some ppl might just laugh it off and forget about it as soon as the ad is over, others might feel bothered by it. Its all about perception and how ppl view things.

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