iPhone5 Mania

Whether or not you are a fan of Apple products or can’t stand Apple anything, Apple has been known for always being in the media’s attention. Back in the summer of 2010 rumors about a new iPhone5 started surfacing the internet. According to various blogs iPhone5 was set to be released as early as January 2011. But as January is fast approaching there are new rumors, rumors of skepticism of product’s release.

Apple’s PR department plays a stealth role in these rumors. There is no denying that they are unaware of these rumors surrounding iPhone5, they might even be the originators of them. And why wouldn’t they be responsible for that? What is a better way to keep the media, consumers and the market focused on your company and your product than by publicizing ample amounts of free press and buzz about your next product?

Usually when rumors and information get “leaked” to the public, it takes the form of controlled leakage. And while we debate and discuss the release of the next iPhone, competition is usually left in the dust.

You might be wondering whether or not Apple’s reputation would get tarnished if they don’t come out with an iPhone5 in early 2011? You have probably heard the phrase “any publicity is good publicity”. Well, the rumor mill creates a win-win situation for Apple. If there is no iPhone5 in early 2011, we will have to go back to speculating, playing the guessing game and holding our breath for the next announcement thus continuing to create brand awareness for Apple products.

It’s pretty straight forward. As one blogger had noted “we, the consumer, fit into this game as pawns. We don’t control the rumor: the rumor controls us”. But we are used to it as we get bombarded and manipulated by marketing campaigns every day. It has become part of our lives, regardless of how much information we actually retain. It also keeps the tech geeks occupied by taking turns guessing the next hardware and apps to be released by Apple.


3 thoughts on “iPhone5 Mania

  1. one of the top rumor about the next generation iphone 5 is that, there may be many new features.

    The design and performance of iphone is going to be better.

    Still, the expected launch date is just a rumor. Apple has not started the manufacturing yet. It is supposed to start in August 2011. So the launch of iPhone 5 will delay till at least September 2011.

    Another rumor is that, the apple iPhone will have curved glass design continuing the ipod nano legacy..

    I have read it here, and posted on my blog, Technology Track.

    • Thanks for the comment and the info. Its hard to keep up with technology especially with iphone as it changes sooo fast and before you know it you gotta upgrade to a newer phone hahah

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