Ever wondered what’s the secret @ Victoria’s Secret?!

Just a few weeks ago after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had aired I went online to order the Rhinestone Leather Jacket, which was the Fashion Show Exclusive item. When I was adding the item to my shopping bag it said that “only a few left” so I had assumed probably 2 or 3. However, I should have checked out right a way because when I was ready to check out, the jacket was SOLD OUT. I am gonna lie if I say that I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest I was really upset (yes, I know I was upset over a $500 jacket :P). Those of you who are fashion conscience will understand me.

 The next day I had sent an email to Limited Brands Customer Relations outlining the issue and my interest in having the item restocked. To my surprise I got a quick reply from Andrea P. who is a Customer Care Supervisor apologizing for the item being sold out and ensuring me that the matter will be looked into. Moreover, she wanted to personally speak to me about it and get more feedback. After a week of playing phone tag I finally got a chance to speak with her.

She showed genuine concern for the matter and told me that other customers had also shown interest in the jacket. She assured me that my voice as a customer will be heard and that she will bring up the issue when she meets with the merchant department. Andrea was pleasant, polite and interested in helping out. We also talked about when and if the item might be in stock again as well as social media like FB and how it can be used to better serve VS customers.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent customer service that I received. Not all companies have the time to actively listen to their customers’ concerns and feedback. It’s nice to know that your voice is being heard. As I had mentioned in my email to VS “… customers are the ones who drive your business. And if it weren’t for them then you wouldn’t be in this business”.

 Have you had any good or bad experiences when dealing with customer service issues?

 P.S. And I do hope they bring back the jacket soon!!!  🙂



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