Summer Essentials

Summer is in full force. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and the hemlines are shorter. Here are top 8 summer essentials for every fashionista.

1. Sunglasses. A pair of cool shades is a must. Ray-Bans always make the perfect choice that last well into other seasons.

1655965_10151912528091301_855815780_n  8053672138832_shad_qt


2.  Bikini.  Every girl needs a bikini for those long days at the beach.  VS always stay on top of the latest bikini trends by having swim wear for everyone that comes in beautiful prints and styles.

VS 2VS bikini


3. Hat. Invest into a wide rim hat because who would want to get a sunstroke? I love floppy hats because they always add a bit of glamour and mystery.



4. Maxi Dress. A maxi dress is a summer staple. I love the flowy and light nature of a maxi for those long walks on the beach. I personally love the ones that come in flowery prints and light fabrics that flow in the warm summer breeze.


Maxi-Dress-2maxi dress


5. Stripes. Nautical pieces have always been a fashion trend and have graced the hottest resort collections. For me this look is always associated with yachts and the French Rivera. So, put on some stripes and sail away into the summer.


1358   13591360


6. Beachy Hair. When you think about summer you automatically think about long luscious locks that look effortless and natural. While not everyone is born with beachy hair, it can be easily achieved with some salt spray and a curling iron.





7. Sunscreen. During those long days of fun in the sun, let’s not forget about sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays.

sunscreen2        sunscreen


8. Good Book.  Summer wouldn’t be complete without a good novel or at least a magazine to catch up on the latest trends. I am loving the Gone Girl thriller novel by Gillian Flynn.



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