BMW conquers the new, the unknown, the X

Being brand loyal to everything BMW I got excited when earlier this year they launched their second coupe-like crossover, the all-new 2015 X4 at the New York Auto Show. While currently I do not have the need to own a crossover but when the time comes I would most likely be adding the X4 to my collection.

The vehicle is based on the same underpinnings as the X3 however, compared to the X3, the X4 is positioned as more sportier and better looking option, if less practical for some.

Previously the BMW X6 has sold well by appealing to consumers who are looking to stand out from the crowd and value good handling, powerful engines, reliability and tasteful interior.

Consumers who are a looking to add more sportier features to their BMW have the option to opt for an M sport package such as more aggressive body kit, custom door sills, light alloy wheels or a leather steering wheel.

The 2015 BMW X4 is priced from $45,625 for the X4 xDrive28 and $48,925 for the X4 xDrive35i. UK consumers are able to purchase X4 with diesel engines, which is always a good incentive.

The new X4 competes against similar models in the small crossover segment such as the Range Rover Evoque and latest Porsche Macan and Lincoln MKC.

What are your thoughts on the new BMW X4?  Do you own one or are you planning to get one?


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Sources: Caranddriver, Autoblog, Motor authority


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