Make faux fur jacket your friend this F/W season

With the arrival of fall it is more than appropriate to wear a faux fur jacket. Every fashionista and fashion blogger has been seen sporting this trend. And F/W ’14 is no exception as this style is still going strong. The good thing is that the jackets come in a variety of colours, styles and even textures to suit every taste and budget, allowing you to instantly glam up any outfit. Hope you get inspired by the images below.


elle-05-statement-jackethow-to-dress-thinner-v-xln tumblr_mthbxiTlMY1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_mx37mtJZi81qb2ahqo1_500 tumblr_mzjjv0aXic1qb2ahqo1_500 tumblr_mzrpbzYz751s2zhi4o1_500 tumblr_mzuut3uHQT1qb2ahqo1_500 ?????????????????????? tumblr_n0yf6a8uzR1qdsqp6o1_500 tumblr_n07olqaylj1qb2ahqo1_500 tumblr_n13xmo2JcQ1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n14zfqQ2Dl1rsuch2o1_400 tumblr_n15r6u974L1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n16pyyB4om1qdsqp6o1_500 tumblr_n16qllzpN81rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n17uj53q1s1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n157nrDM0x1rsuch2o1_500 untitled


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